Thursday, July 21, 2011

British Colonial West Indies Style - Part II


Here is the other design board I made up for my BWI friend in Florida. She is currently at work staining concrete floors - I wish her good luck on that!! I used the existing "Austin" couch from Pottery Barn and the cool, Zebra print rug, but this time gave the room a more contemporary twist. I added cool blues, and golden yellows to mellow out all of the heavy dark brown in the rug and couch. I loved the idea of using old vintage nautical maps as artwork in the room, alongside seashell prints, model yachts and a giant clam shell. I added some metal accents to the room in the form of the brass porthole mirror and some sparkle with the Pottery Barn glass lamps. To me, they are reminiscent of those old Japanese fishing floats you see around. I love this colour palette against the rich chocolates of the existing pieces, maybe I just need to move to Florida...

Great inspiration, casual and beachy.

Gives a great BWI collected vibe.


  1. Do you happen to know who makes the pillow on this design board? (the aqua blue diamond fabric)

  2. Hi Rebecca! You didnt leave an email addy, but you can find the fabric at Calico Corners, its called Diamante Seamist.

    Hope this helps!! Sally