Sunday, June 19, 2011

Inspiration Boards

The Living Room

I was emailed by a lovely lady I met via decorpad, asking if I could suggest some ideas for her (already lovely) living room! I was completely flattered and of course said "YES!" I put together a few ideas over on Olioboard, shown above. I suggested using a soft khaki colour on the walls, kind of like the colour shown below. I thought it would make for a nice neutral background and it plays into some of the colours found in the rug bought from Crate and Barrel. We were also looking into adding more of the blue/green found in the rug, in accessories or even an alternative wall colour. Perhaps, more of a blue/gray than a true blue colour.

I recommended some contemporary art, to give some more colour and interest to the walls. The pieces shown are from Zgallerie. The one top left is called "Shades of Green" and the canvas "Contemporary Scene." The glass lamp is from Crate and Barrel, and the drapes are from West Elm, I liked the subtle texture of the silk to frame the view. The mirror is also from Zgallerie, originally I was thinking sunburst, but this one is something a bit different! We are also on the search for a cabinet to be placed in the alcove next to the fireplace.. stay tuned for more!

Image courtesy of Palmetto Bluff

Forza Mirror - Zgallerie

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