Saturday, January 1, 2011

Another West Indies British Colonial Style Room

Well, seen as my first few posts about West Indies Style Interiors were such a big hit, I thought I would try another board on here. I started with the fabric choices first. I loved the Citrine fabric, because it gave the feel of animal print, without actually being so. I like the idea of using it as a curtain fabric, because it is fairly neutral and I feel like the print would give the best bang, in a larger quantity.

The fabric Pabo Seafoam, was actually the first fabric that caught my eye. I felt the colours were subtle enough to give the idea of being near the ocean, without being too obvious. I thought about using this as an upholstered piece, such as a bench at the end of the bed, and then also as an accent pillow fabric.

The last fabric, Jangle Silver Sage, picked up on the colours in Pabo Seafoam. I think bringing in a geometric fabric updates the room. This would make a nice runner for the bed, throw pillows or an alternative to the curtain fabric choice.

The bed is from Thomasville Furniture. The have a great collection, inspired by Ernest Hemingway. It envelopes this style completely. From the rich, exotic wood tones, to its carved details. I added the brass folding table as a nightstand because it has that "travelled" feel. The plants are definitely a must have for this sort of design, they add to the tropical feel with their lush leaves and bright petals.

Botanicals, maps, yachts, palms, animals and plant studies, all make for great ideas for artwork. Carved wood panels, shutters and even tribal/ethic art pieces also add to the feel.

Shonnard - Thom Filcia Fabric

Pabo Seafoam

Jangle Silver Sage
All fabrics from Calico Corners

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  1. What paint color for wall you suggest for colonial style room?