Friday, December 31, 2010

Styling Vignettes
My own attempt at an entry table. I love the inlaid mirror,
it picks up on the pale gray bamboo console.
I added a pop of colour with the turquoise gourd lamp
and some sparkle with the crystal chandelier.

I think the trick to a successful vignette is the motto "less is more." Items like lamps work great as pairs, whereas larger items look better alone for greater visual impact. Smaller pieces (such as plates, bottles..) work well as collections. Most of the time designers say to group things into odd numbers. This works especially well if you have items of varying heights (as below).

Some of the images that follow prove that you can be creative with finishes and textures. For example, in the photo from Ashley Goforth, you can see she mixes gold frames with brass hardware on the dresser and what looks to be a nickel flower pot holding an orchid. The faux coral adds a nice texture.

The third photo shows a coral coloured porcelain ginger jar, with taller blossoms in a crystal vase and some smaller objects below filling in the space. I love the varying heights here. If you look closely you can almost see a triangle shape grouping the items together. This is a great tip to remember when styling objects in your home.

Courtesy  of Suzanne Kasler

Courtesy of Ashley Goforth

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Design Crush - Mrs. Howard

There is something about the colour blue that draws me in. I think it is the calming feel it gives, and the memories of blue skies and water. Mrs. Howard completely nailed this perfect blue room (when hasn't she)! The light blue (what looks to be some kind of sea grass or grass cloth) wall covering adds a subtle texture to the wall. Whilst the bead board enhances the beachy feel. The pale blues, turquoises and ivory's, are paired perfectly with the sandy, coarser textured jute/sea grass flooring. I found a fabulous lamp at Lamps plus if you wanted to re-create this stunning room!

Hand painted wall coverings become the artwork in this room. I love the fact that Mrs. Howard dressed the window so unobtrusively as not to detract from the exquisite wall paper. Everything else in the room is fairly subdued in pattern and colour, besides the lamp that gives a graphic pop to the side table. You can experience some impressive hand painted papers at

Another enchanting blue room. The neutral upholstered pieces and flooring bind the room together and lay a great foundation. The attractive thing about this room is that it can really become a room of any colour. A fresh green could easily take the place of the airy blue. Although, I would definitely keep the colour palette more pastel in tone, because the distressed wood pieces would not be able to handle a bolder colour. I think Restoration Hardware has some striking distressed (or as they say "drifted") furniture that would be great to re-create this look.

 Last of all this crisp green dining room. Whenever I see this shade of green, I am always reminded of Spring time. This room would be the perfect place to stage an Easter meal. The brass light fixtures and mirror work seamlessly with this tint of green. I also love the addition of the turquoise urns near the antiqued mirror, they add a nice little surprise. I found a green very similar to the above hue at Home Depot, it has such a whimsical name, I want to be the person whose job it is to name the paint colours!!

Behr - Spirit Whisper

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Boys Rooms

Courtesy of Bunny Williams
What a great theme for a boys room! I would call it understated nautical!! The graphic print of the bedding compliments the rug, whilst the symmetrical layout of the beds is enhanced by the positioning of the art and the mirror.

Courtesy of Phoebe Howard
This room also follows a similar theme. The striped bedding and elegant shaped beds, keep the room sophisticated and not childlike. The yachts above the beds add a lot of whimsy! Again I love the symmetrical layout and mirror above the shared nightstand.....although.. I can't imagine the beds always looking so well made.

Courtesy of Ashley Whittaker
Unlike the first two images, this one gives an all American feel. The flag above the bed works great as an art piece and gives a cue for the colour scheme.

Courtesy of Steven Gambrel

All photos via decorpad
This last image is my favourite. The map wallpaper is such a simple yet effective wall covering. It gives the room a dreamlike quality. The stripes also give the nautical vibe, along with the fisherman's glass float lamp.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


After all this crazy snow along the mid-Atlantic, I am even more ready for spring. I can't wait for the trees to start budding and the grass to change back to lush green.

To me, Spring rooms are all about fresh citrus palettes and natural materials. I love the idea of using some of the great branch decor that seems to be popping up everywhere! I want to be reminded of new growth and sunshine after such a long dull winter.

Here are some images gorgeous that remind me of Spring:

Thornton Designs via decorpad

Thornton Designs via decorpad

Courtesy of Phoebe Howard

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Loving Crystal
If there's one thing that can make or break a room its the lighting! In these two inspiration boards I used the same beautiful crystal pendant. In the first example I feel like it added a lot of femininity and the second it picks up on the mirrored dresser and table lamp. I love these inspirational pictures with their crystal light fixtures:

The crystal lamp picks up on the mirrored bedside table.
via decorpad

I love the juxtaposition of the more traditional crystal chandelier with  the rough walls and modern dining chairs!
Amy Neunsinger via decorpad

Even in a bathroom you can add some delicate crystal.
Alexandra Rae via decorpad

Here's a more modern take on a traditional material and shape.
Lampsplus - Artemis Accent Crystal Table lamp

A more traditional chandelier, with pretty daisy accents. I'd love to see this in a nursery!
Lampsplus - Cyrstorama Antique White Crystal Floret Chandelier

Friday, December 24, 2010

Bring in the Green

Plants and flowers can really freshen up a room and give it a lot of life. Here's some great examples:

 Just one palm frond in an urn gives this room a tropical touch.

 These gorgeous orchids add a shot of hot pink to a lush centerpiece. Orchids, to me, add elegance.

 I love these paper whites planted in crystal, it seems to enhance their delicateness.

 The art above the fireplace comes alive with the grasses floating below.

 I can't think of a more Southern plant than a fern, especially when hung under a porch or atop of a pedestal.

The greenery on this dresser, brings in the outdoors.

All photos courtesy of

Muted Bedrooms
I started another Olioboard again! It all began with that pine dresser in the left corner. I loved the wood tone and overall finish. Then I added the cow hide rug, the feel was already leaning towards a more muted colour scheme so that's the direction I headed! I ended up with what I call a "Cowgirls Retreat." I like the fact that the room gives this feel without being a "themed" room. All the wood pieces are natural and unfinished, the antique mirror gives a lot of charm and pretties the space up, whilst the skull becomes art above the bed. I also love that little branch side table, it's not sooo rustic that it could only be at home in a cabin in the woods. The chandelier is hand carved and elegant enough to be ornamental, whilst still feeling "country." I didn't add any wallpaper or paint colours to the board, in this room I would go with some kind of hand finished plaster technique to give the walls some texture and add more charm and dimension to the space.

I read an article in Southern Living magazine  yesterday about my favourite interior designer Phoebe Howard. She said that she's married to beige, but has "affairs with colour." That made me giggle, but hey, "what's wrong with beige," I thought.

There's nothing wrong with a cream, white, beige room! I think the idea is to layer in different textures for contrast and play with patterns so that the room doesn't become lifeless.

Ashley Goforth via decorpad
 This room is a great example, the seagrass rug with it's diamond pattern adds some great texture and grounds the whole room.

Ashley Goforth via decorpad
  The different tones of grey in this room add some subtle contrasts.

Julio Quinones & Associates via decorpad
 Although this room has some colour, the bed, walls and curtains are all muted creams.

Courtesy of Phoebe Howard

Don't get me wrong, I love colour, but the muted tones of these gorgeous bedrooms are so soothing and peaceful. The perfect place to regenerate after a long day, don't you think?

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Feeling Blue

Courtesy of Phoebe Howard

via Decorpad

Ashley Putman via Lonny Magazine

House Beautiful

via Decorpad

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mixing Fabrics

I started playing around with Olioboard again.. {very addictive}.. and came up with the above! I have a three year old daughter, who will someday be upgrading to a big girls bed. This is something along the lines of what I was thinking for her room! I started off with the Amy Butler botanical and then added in polka dots and the geometric. The combination altogether is very pleasing to the eye. I would use the botanical for the chair, the polka dots for curtains and the geometric as accents. I would keep the bed neutral (with the sheets shown) and then add throw pillows with all of the fabrics combined. What are your thoughts??

Sarah Richardson had a great tip on 'Sarahs House' (HGTV) the other day. She said to create double sided pillows with two differing fabrics, that way you can change them around and create a different vibe. Thanks Sarah!

I also found a great article online that I wanted to share. Check out:
It has some great tips for blending fabrics in a room. Here's my favourite two tips:

  • No more than three. Unless the patterns are muted and subtle, try not to use more than three patterns in a room. Otherwise, the effect will be one of confusion rather than balance.

  • Use a common color. Unite the patterns with a common color. If your foundation fabric is red, all of the patterns should have the same red somewhere in the pattern.

  • Image Courtesy of Calico Corners

    Mecox Garden

    Mecox Gardens opened their first store in the village of Southampton, New York in 1996. Since then they have established eight more locations: EAST HAMPTON, MANHATTAN, WEST PALM BEACH, LOS ANGELES, CHICAGO, DALLAS and HOUSTON. They have a wide range of one of a kind antiques and many unique re-editions. You can find them at or if you're on facebook you can find them on the Mecox Garden fan page. Phoebe Howard's a fan and that makes me like them even more!!

    I could fill my home with one of everything, but here are a few of my favourite finds:

    Modern Sealife Collection with Blue Matte

    I think I love the matte of this art work even more than the art itself! I'm usually a lover of gold frames and white mattes, but what a statement it would make to have three of these beauties hanging horizontally above the right bed!

    Framed Sea Fans

    I love sea fans in shadow boxes, but how about framed in these see through lovelies??

    White Green  Lacquered Lattice Console

    LOVE this console... behind a sofa, as a tv stand, at the end of a bed......I heart you console.

    Faux Coral Mirror

    Mirror, mirror on the wall... you are the prettiest mirror of all...
    Perhaps you will find a home over an elegant powder room vanity?

    All images courtesy of Mecox Gardens..

    Tuesday, December 21, 2010

    2011 Interior Trends

    Just like I said, I'm no expert, but here's my predictions for 2011 Interior Design Trends!

    Ballard Design - Couronne Chandelier

    Regina Andrews Scalloped Beaded Chandelier


    Horchow - Bird on a Branch Candleholder

    Horchow - Brass Side Table
    Horchow - Link Mirror


    Tart Apple - Behr

    Youthful Coral - Behr
    Let me know what you have been seeing around! Happy 2011!!