Monday, February 14, 2011

West Indies/Island Style Furniture

Tommy Bahama - Island Estate
There are some great furniture companies out there embracing the West Indies/Island style. I am especially in love with the Tommy Bahama Collection, Island Estate in particular. "Island Estate celebrates an eclectic mix of British Plantation and refined Caribbean styling with a playful dose of exotic Island fun, turning the concept of home into paradise found..." Just listen to the way they describe it? Makes me want one of everything!! They have some fantastic pieces, and the way they style the furniture for the catalogue!?! So inspirational...:-)

They also have a new collection that I came across today at called Royal Kahala. I see the words "exotic fusion" in the description... sure, I'll take some of that in my house! lol.

Here are some other images I have gathered, from a few different stores. I particularly like the Pier One selection called 'Senopati.' It's crafted from bamboo, rattan and mahogany, and the side table is an unbelievable $199.95. The headboard is pretty gorgeous too, it would look fantastic in a Island style bedroom..

Tommy Bahama - Royal Kahala

Thomasville - Ernest Hemingway Collection

Ethan Allen - British Classics

Pier 1 - Senopati Collection

Havertys - Antigua Collection

Havertys - Island Collection


  1. I absolutely LOVE this style of decor, and I am constantly searching for new ideas and pictures. It's a difficult style to consistently find, and I am always appreciative of a site like this that helps promote and showcase this style. I have decorated in this style for years, long before I even knew the style actually had a NAME! I thought I was out there all alone, and I even took an interior decorating class to try to find out WHAT it is that I like. My instructor suggested to me: "Perhaps you like West Indies".... I scoffed and said, "Noooo, I don't think that's it", because all I could imagine in my head when she said that was "Cost Plus Imports". While I do like SOME of the items sold at CPI, I would say the majority of it does not strike me in the least, so I was still stumped! It wasn't until I happened across a site similar to this that gave OTHER terms to the style: British Colonial, Coastal, West Indies... When I began searching images under these terms, there it was! My bedroom, living room, etc., right there on the computer, but with an actual NAME to it! I felt so happy and so relieved that I could finally give a name to it and be able to find MORE! Thank you so much for posting these pics and information. I will return many times!

  2. Awesome! Thanks for the great comment. I totally understand how you feel. I love this style and all the others that envelope this theme. I love that travelled feel, along with all the great materials that are used.. cane, wicker, rattan etc. I am so glad that I'm not the only one!! One of my favorite interior designers has some pretty rooms that capture a similar feel, check out this link when you get the chance!

  3. Thanks for sharing these pieces! I adore West Indies style. I actually found your blog by doing a search on West Indies decor. I was looking for inspirations for a West Indies dining room when I cam across your blog introducing Olioboard! Since then I've become addicted to Olioboard! Check out my boards:

    Thanks again for sharing your great ideas and style!

    - Liz

  4. I love your Olioboards!! Totally my style - I love the dark woods with the fresher coastal colours.

    I also checked out Polyvore - your boards are stunning!! Are you a designer or stylist?? If not, then you should be!!

  5. I just found your blog, when searching for British West Indies. Welcome to Texas. I live just South of Dallas, but have many friends and family in Austin. You will love it. I a putting together a British West Indies front porch. I am blessed to have a 10x20 front porch. I just painted the floor an aquamarine color and the ceiling baby blue. My walls are cedar shingles, natural, and I just ordered the British Colonial outdoor loveseats from Pottery Barn, the Faraday collection (since you're a PB fan) and it's made from eucalyptus wood, with Fresca blue cushions. Going to make my porch curtains from linen drop cloths from Lowes. Looking forward to getting to spend some time now that it's not so hot. You arrived in our hottest summer EVER.

  6. Sally, Love your blog. I too am like you, but backwards. Not only do I share your passion for interior design... but I'm an American who fell in love with a Brit and am living happily ever after. I have a project that I am thinking about taking on. There is a man who is trying to sell his relatively new custom built 14,000 sq foot waterfront mansion in tax free Freeport, Grand Bahama. He over built at a time when the economy was in better shape. Well we know where that story ends. His agent has contacted me for advice. I said, furnish the darn thing immediately! British West Indies meets Tommy Bahama or Ralph Lauren. Only problem, he's a bit cash strapped. I was thinking a trip to Bali or Java and one very full 40-foot container could do some good for a better photo layout of his now bare, cold empty 4 floor villa. But since you are a fellow obbesser (sic) I was wondering where your thoughts take you as I tell you about this project? I once saw a US Virgin Island designer work magic with a couple thousand yards of sheer white material on bolts to get an unfinished island home ready for a family to come and visit for the Christmas holiday. The builder was beside himself as he was behind schedule. He halted construction and the designer was brought in to hide the mess. It was quite remarkable how she draped yards of material to create a light and wispy, liveable environment, albeit temporary. But it was a cheap fix. I can't imagine the budget being more than $60,000 for everything in this island project. Seeing how the budget should be at a million to do it right, I was wondering what thought you have about doing it on the cheap in a timely manner.

  7. Hello Lisa! Thanks for asking! Would love to give some ideas. Do you have an email address??

  8. WELCOME TO AUSTIN! I'm a fellow Austinite and came across your blog on Island and West Indies style decor when I searched for furniture in that style. I love it and want to redo my bedroom in that style. This is very helpful, thank you! Hope you are liking Austin!

  9. Hi Nivva! If you need any help let me know! I would recommend the web site Olioboard as a great tool to put your ideas together. I use it for my blog and it will give you a great visual inspiration for you room. Keep me posted, I would love to see some photos of your room.

    Sally x

  10. Yes, thank you! I got that from your previous post and have been looking at Houzz to start putting together ideas. Wow! I had no idea how many photos are available to get ideas!

    BTW, you guys make a cute couple! How are you finding Austin? If you feel like doing something and no one to do it with, here's my email: My name is Natalie (I had to make up a user name.)

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  13. Not sure if this is an current blog, but I figured I'd give a post a try. You may like some of Lane Venture's indoor furniture, Palacek's furniture, a number of Stanley Furniture collections, and I'm sure Century furniture will have a handful of collections you'll enjoy as well. Have fun!