Friday, April 22, 2011

Low Country Style

There's something so enticing, about Low Country style houses. They have that relaxed mix of country, coastal and West Indies that just works together perfectly. I can imagine sitting on the porch and feeling the breeze come off of the ocean or marshland.. I love the use of shutters and carriage house style lighting. A red brick pathway in a herringbone pattern, flanked by lush greenery and palms in this photo above looks so inviting...

The South is such an interesting place, full of history and secrets. I feel like it has such a mysterious aura around it. From 'Gone with the Wind' to 'Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil,' there are stories behind each shutter and iron gate.

Mix a drink from the bar and enjoy the view!

Photos via Southern Living

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  1. I’m loving your blog, so I have awarded you with a Stylish Blogger Award, check out the dets here and feel free to carry on the torch. Miss Walker