Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Olioboard Fun

I'm not usually a big Modern/Contemporary fan, but two new challenges from Olioboard caught my attention! Here's the first - "A new restaurant in town asked you to design a retro inspired interior to liven the place up and draw in the crowd. While they love the retro vibe they don't want it to be overboard and feel like a tacky diner. Find a way to design the space that balances retro with class."

That's my interpretation above! I'm pretty happy with it. I thought the wavy retro fabric would be fun on some booths and then the other chairs are for the bar (red), lounging (yellow) and around the ends of the booths (black). And just look at those cool napkin rings - Dachshunds! So cool - never thought I'd say that about a napkin ring!

Here's the second challenge - "The top advertising agency of the year has asked you to bring your design expertise to their office space. This agency is known for their outside of the box thinking and want their office space to reflect just that. Make your design as creative and wild as you want. In this job, anything goes." And my crazy idea board below. Head over to Olioboard to get creative.

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