Sunday, July 29, 2012

Dining Room Wish List


I'm still here!! Just in case anyone missed me, lol.... Not sure who reads my posts, just know the view count has been going up lately even though I've been missing in action!

I have been caught up in a whirlwind of work, work and more work..... even the days I have off involve some sort of activity. I have been relaxing and catching up on pinterest time today (see images below) and found some dreamy inspiration for my future dining room! For some reason I am drawn to this tropical/fresh lemongrass colour (as seen above on drapes). It is such a great colour, full of life. I designed my dream dining room around a pair hung in my dining room. I added a sisal rug, this pretty pendant fixture, a dark rich table and linen chairs (from Paula Deens' collection) and some prints I fell in love with at WS Home a while back... It has a subtle touch of BWI/British Colonialness to it. I'll add all the pieces to my ever growing wish list! 

Lemongrass drapes against clean, bright walls!

Pretty buffet arrangement.

Stunning mirror and lush green bamboo for above buffet.


  1. Hi Sally! I've been MIA too - lots going on. Check out my latest post on my blog...give me your ideas! ;)

    Love the dining room board!

  2. if I have a dining room like this, I am sure that I am inspired in cooking and serving my family.
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