Monday, July 2, 2012

Art and plants

(Please forgive the annoying date/time on the camara, it's new and I'm still getting used to it!)

I thought I'd share a few of my favourite new and old things from around my home. It's been a while since I shared anything from my own home so here goes.

I bit the bullet the other day at the grocery store and bought seven bamboo stems from the floral section, combined with a $8 bargain vase from Hobby Lobby I have the beginnings of my Londolozi inspired floral arrangement!! Hopefully mine will grow as lush and verdent as theirs (see previous post).

Then an old favourite, a painting of the Pacific Coast Hwy in California. Hubby and I honeymooned in this area and took a photo almost identical to this piece of art we bought home with us, it brings back great memories of a once in a life time vacation.

Here's an old love with a new. Our home (rental) has lots of little nooks and arches, this one leads to my daughters room and the guest bedroom. The painting is from Greece, of a perfectly set dining table over looking the ocean... I wish I had more of this artists work.. I regret not buying the other two pieces that I loved when I bought this one...

The new is my FREE!!! palm frond!! I love the faux palm fronds for sale at PB, but I cannot bring myself to spend $20 something dollars on one stem, so sneaky me found this one (already snapped from the plant) at our local Mexican restaurant, so really I consider myself to have rescued it from near death in the Texas heat.

This final piece of art hangs in our office, my husband isn't a fan, but since my dad nearly had to trade his sneakers for this painting in the Dominican Republic, I consider it to be extra special! I love the bold colours and shapes, it feels pretty tropical to me, it sits above my daughters banana leaf toy hamper and adds a nice splash of colour to the boring cream walls.

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