Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Small Updates - Big Difference!


I was browsing one of my favourite haunts, "Decorpad, " and I saw a post that got my creative juices flowing... sometimes this happens when we are least expecting it!! The post was regarding the room pictured above top left. I suggested, that perhaps the bedroom needed some organic/natural elements. It's lovely owner,  already had the brown upholstered beds and yellow Ikat armchair and just wanted to give the room a boost! She had mentioned perhaps adding a brown and cream chevron rug, so I suggested a zebra print might also work. For some reason, the yellow Ikat print gave me a tropical feel, so.. keeping this in mind, I went with it! In place of the white tables, I was thinking a woven tray style table would add some texture and tie the beds and other decor in together. Instead of the toile bedding, maybe keep it simple with crisp white sheets and maybe a yellow printed throw pillow. Add more yellow in the form of a bright porcelain lamp and a planter of yellow orchids. Finally, for the walls, these pretty Pier One prints, small enough not to over power the rooms size, but big enough to add some more colour. I am happy to say she loved the ideas! Creative juices... you just can't help 'em..lol

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