Sunday, July 10, 2011

We made it to Austin!


Well, we made it to Austin! I am so happy to be here. It was a long road trip, but we got to see a lot. We drove through the mountains of Virginia and Tennessee, then down through Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and on to Texas. We stopped along the way and got to see some amazing sights. New Orleans was one of my personal highlights, the food, the history and the people... such a fun place. I am disappointed we couldn't stop and visit some of the plantations along the River Road, but having the cat it tow meant we could only do so much... oh well, guess it's only a 10-12 hour drive from here!

I was inspired by Pottery Barns new fall collection to create a Texas style library. The colour palette reminds me of saddle leather... The rustic elements, like the glazed urns and rope and iron chandelier all give me the feeling of being in the Texas country, what do you think?

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