Sunday, October 23, 2011

Belated Birthday Wishlist!

Americas Cup - Model Boat

Happy Belated Birthday to me!! I'm still clinging on to my twenties for a little longer. I had a great day, and over indulged as usual. I am now promising myself, at least two weeks off, from eating out... let's just say I will have to if I ever want to squeeze into my jeans again...

I do feel completely terrible that my little blog has been neglected.. I promise to try harder to keep up with postings. This post is just going to be a little expression of things I would love to decorate my home with if money weren't an issue!

I saw a beautiful Model Boat at Bassett Furniture in Austin last week and that is now top of my wish list. India Hicks shows how elegant and West Indies this Colonial accent is in her beach house.

Courtesy of India Hicks

 A giant clam shell filled with succulents to adorn my coffee table....

Giant Clam Shell - Pottery Barn

And some pretty bird, butterfly or moth prints to decorate the walls (I quite like the tropical plant too but I don't need any more plant murders on my hands.......)

Crackle Moths - WSHome

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