Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Blue and White Scheme

Olioboard - Click to Enlarge

I always love a good blue and white room design. Whilst browsing one of my favourite blogs the other day, (by Phoebe Howard, see photo at end of article) I saw a fantastic dining room that inspired me to have a go at designing my own blue and white bedroom! This colour scheme evokes that British Colonial Coastal feel that I love so much. When you pair the dark inky indigo blue with the warm tones of mahogany and accents of fresh white you can achieve this great look for yourself.

I found the pretty sleigh bed from Bassett Furniture, it's called Coral Key, which seems appropriate for this type of design scheme! I added this antique style chandelier by Currey and Company for some sparkle and detail. Then the fantastic blue and white ginger jars that seem to be forever timeless. The one shown above is from Lampsplus and is hand painted porcelain. I think this look can work anywhere.. but it would be best with  a slight sea breeze for authenticity. :-)

Currey and Company - Sophia Chandelier

Ralph Lauren  - Indigo Modern Bedding

Courtesy of Phobe Howard


  1. I love your blue and white coastal board! Great collection of items to make a coastal room fabulous! I also love the Ralph Lauren bedding!

  2. Thanks Elle! I love the bedding too! I don't know that I could afford it anytime soon though! Let me know if you see a look for less anywhere. lol