Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Safari Chic


I've been MIA for a while, but I'm back!! Heaven help me, Pinterest has me in it's grips!! I have been pinning like a mad woman!! I found this stunning pin from Interior Designer, Yvonne O'Brien.... WOW!! Just visit her website and you'll see why. One of her stunning rooms inspired me to make up a British Colonial / Safari Chic style living room. A few of the larger pieces (sofa and coffee table) are from Pottery Barn. But the rattan chair, basket and mirror are all from Kirkland's!! Who would've known? The chair impressed me for it's style and incredible price tag of $499. Me likey, me likey lot. It also gave me a chance to add some of my favourite zebra print into the mix and this fab. turtle print from Ballard. For more details on where to purchase, click the link above to Olioboard.

On a sort of side note, I was totally wowed by another pin, using half whiskey barrels (old Jack Daniels barrels from Home Depot are $30) as a table with glass over it! My husband and I saw these on a recent trip to HD and I thought they would make a great water garden, but this takes the cake. The only thing was they had a boozy sort of smell to them... I wonder how you'd get that out first?? Maybe that's why they have candles lit on the photo below, lol.

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  1. Hi Sally, I'm a fellow Olioboarder you just voted for "asight2behold" aka Ronda, and I just thought I'd come take a peak at your blog, and wanted to tell you I love it! I love BWI style too. Your posts are so informative and real. Sweet story of your hubby and family. Do you follow Paula Marie Farmer on Olio? She too is a Brit, just thought you'd like to know. Anyways really thankful for your vote on Olio, and I look forward to popping in once in a while here too! Olio-hugs, Ronda : )