Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Beautiful Bars

Phoebe Howard
I'm not a Southerner, but I have noticed how popular bar areas are in a lot of Southern homes. When I imagine Southern homes of bygone days, I envision beautiful dinner parties with all sorts of drinks on hand to entertain and lazy Summer days sitting on the porch sipping something refreshing. I love the idea of a bar area in our next house.

It seems like there is a bar style out there for everyone. Whether you have space for a small bar cart, a console or buffet, even just a small tray corralling all your bottles and glasses. Whether you collect antiques, love contemporary design or prefer something more rustic, there's a bar out there for you!!

Phoebe Howard

Delaney Bar - Pottery Barn

Salvatore Antiqued Bar - Zgallerie

 I can imagine these two pieces or something similar paired up together, to create a Hollywood Glam style bar!

Horse Art - Zgallerie

via decorpad

Vintage Chinese Wine Bar - Wisteria

Markham Console/Bar - Pottery Barn

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  1. I have noticed that bars are all the rage now! Wish I had some space for one.