Monday, August 15, 2011

Great decor sites - Part I

Here's a run down of some of my favorite decor sites to go to for ideas, inspiration and advice:

  • It's free to become a member.
  • Fun (and addictive) place to create moodboards.
  • Great contests with awesome decor related prizes.
  • Get inspired by other peoples idea boards.
  • Create a the visual for a room, without spending a dime!
 Ballard Style Studio
  • Informative How-Tos.
  • Decorating dilemmas - get professional advice from designers.
  • See other Ballard customers home makeovers.
  • Read articles from top designers and stylists.
  • Free membership.
  • Incredible "Looks For Less" - furniture/decor that looks the same for a whole lot less!
  • Friendly forum for sharing ideas, discount codes and decorating dilemmas.
  • Thousands of inspiring photos for inspiration and general day dreaming.
  • Listings for vendors and designers.
  • Free to join.
  • Thousands of fabulous drool worthy interior, exterior and garden images.
  • Links and reviews for designers, architects, contractors and more.
  • Ideabooks - save and create your own idea books to catalogue your inspirations.


  1. Thanks for the site suggestions! I hadn't heard of Olioboard before, and am eager to check it out! Have you ever used Pinterest or Polyvore? I currently use those two sites to create my "mood" boards.

  2. I just love the first picture! - Black and white art against blue colored walls = perfection ;-)