Friday, August 5, 2011

Rooms by State - South Carolina Marsh Bedroom


Well.... I know, it's been a few days since my last post, but we are finally in our new house! Yippee!! Although we are living off of the floor for the next few days, things are finally coming together. I am so grateful to be here in Round Rock, Texas. Despite the heat being in the triple digits, the people are wonderful and friendly and I feel at home.

Anyways... on with more bloggy related subjects! Here is my second board for the 'Rooms by State' segment.... I tried my hand at South Carolina this time. To me, SC is all about the stunning marshes and the inspiring wildlife. With this in mind, I found items that captured the marshy vibe. I began with the top right floral fabric by Waverly, it made me think of misty-morning-marsh-grasses (try saying that after happy hour)!! From there I added some traditional furniture, but items less stuffy and more relaxed. The rug is a sisal herringbone from Ballard Designs, I loved the subtle texture and pattern. Then the finishing touches, with some pretty fern prints and a casual take on a sparkly antique chandelier. I wonder what the lovely people of SC would think??

Waverly Fishbowl Cavier
Ballard Designs - Parish Fabric
Source unknown


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