Friday, March 25, 2011

Island Style at Pottery Barn

I'm super excited to see that Pottery Barn has started carrying a few gorgeous furniture pieces embracing the West Indies Style I love so much. I have always been a huge fan of the "plantation style" chairs, with the dark, turned wood and cane backing. It's such an elegant piece, I did a whole room dedicated to it!!  Make that two rooms actually! I used the Pottery Barn Farmhouse bed in the second room, for a more contemporary feel, and a traditional four poster from Thomasville for the first. I prefer the more traditional!!

I thought that the rusty orange palette from the seaweed prints would be a good jumping off point for fabric and wall colours. The trellis rug, has such a great pattern and picks up on the seaweed colour and is a great counterpoint to the rich wood tones. I'm not totally sold on the Khandar Cinnabar fabric from Calico Corners, but I like the fact that it brings in a lighter shade of orange and a pretty gold shade that would be perfect for a wall colour.

The Colton Chair has a friend too, a graceful
bench that looks stunning at the end the bed.


  1. i wish we had pottery barn here, im in love with the morrocan tile effect rug in these images, would be perfect in grey for my new living room, envy envy envy x

  2. I will swap you one Pottery Barn for a Marks and Sparks, or John Lewis... or even a decent Curry!!! x