Sunday, March 6, 2011

North Carolina dreaming

Outer Banks - North Carolina
 We decided to drive down to the Outer Banks on Friday. From Virginia Beach it's less than a two hour drive and well worth the visit. The beaches are pristine, and they have a ton of things to do. We visited the Wright Brothers Memorial, had dinner a seafood dinner at Dicks and spent some time on the beach watching people flying kites. It was a great (if short) trip.

I tried my hand at an ocean inspired room. To me it feels more tropical because of the darker wood tones and turquoise accents, but I like the overall look. :-)

Whenever I visit the beach I always feel inspired by the sights and sounds. It's just so relaxing and peaceful there. Stanley Furniture has an awesome collection of coastal inspired furniture that gives the feeling of being beach side. They use a soft muted palette to give that beachy feeling. I am definitely reminded of driftwood, sand, marsh grasses, pearly seashells and the ocean with this pretty collection!


  1. The beach is my absolute favorite place in the world!!!!

  2. I got chills just thinking about it! We used to live in Va. Beach and would drive down to Nagshead for the day (before children). I love that beach!

  3. Thanks for the comments! I honestly never appreciated the beach until we moved to VA. It's a shame we wont have a beach when we leave for Austin, TX! I'll have to make do with Lake Travis. lol