Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mixing Fabrics

I started playing around with Olioboard again.. {very addictive}.. and came up with the above! I have a three year old daughter, who will someday be upgrading to a big girls bed. This is something along the lines of what I was thinking for her room! I started off with the Amy Butler botanical and then added in polka dots and the geometric. The combination altogether is very pleasing to the eye. I would use the botanical for the chair, the polka dots for curtains and the geometric as accents. I would keep the bed neutral (with the sheets shown) and then add throw pillows with all of the fabrics combined. What are your thoughts??

Sarah Richardson had a great tip on 'Sarahs House' (HGTV) the other day. She said to create double sided pillows with two differing fabrics, that way you can change them around and create a different vibe. Thanks Sarah!

I also found a great article online that I wanted to share. Check out:
It has some great tips for blending fabrics in a room. Here's my favourite two tips:

  • No more than three. Unless the patterns are muted and subtle, try not to use more than three patterns in a room. Otherwise, the effect will be one of confusion rather than balance.

  • Use a common color. Unite the patterns with a common color. If your foundation fabric is red, all of the patterns should have the same red somewhere in the pattern.

  • Image Courtesy of Calico Corners

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