Thursday, December 30, 2010

Design Crush - Mrs. Howard

There is something about the colour blue that draws me in. I think it is the calming feel it gives, and the memories of blue skies and water. Mrs. Howard completely nailed this perfect blue room (when hasn't she)! The light blue (what looks to be some kind of sea grass or grass cloth) wall covering adds a subtle texture to the wall. Whilst the bead board enhances the beachy feel. The pale blues, turquoises and ivory's, are paired perfectly with the sandy, coarser textured jute/sea grass flooring. I found a fabulous lamp at Lamps plus if you wanted to re-create this stunning room!

Hand painted wall coverings become the artwork in this room. I love the fact that Mrs. Howard dressed the window so unobtrusively as not to detract from the exquisite wall paper. Everything else in the room is fairly subdued in pattern and colour, besides the lamp that gives a graphic pop to the side table. You can experience some impressive hand painted papers at

Another enchanting blue room. The neutral upholstered pieces and flooring bind the room together and lay a great foundation. The attractive thing about this room is that it can really become a room of any colour. A fresh green could easily take the place of the airy blue. Although, I would definitely keep the colour palette more pastel in tone, because the distressed wood pieces would not be able to handle a bolder colour. I think Restoration Hardware has some striking distressed (or as they say "drifted") furniture that would be great to re-create this look.

 Last of all this crisp green dining room. Whenever I see this shade of green, I am always reminded of Spring time. This room would be the perfect place to stage an Easter meal. The brass light fixtures and mirror work seamlessly with this tint of green. I also love the addition of the turquoise urns near the antiqued mirror, they add a nice little surprise. I found a green very similar to the above hue at Home Depot, it has such a whimsical name, I want to be the person whose job it is to name the paint colours!!

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