Friday, December 17, 2010

Interior Design Tips

I have gathered up some of my top tips for creating a beautiful and co-hesive room design. It doesn't take a professional to make for a designer looking room!!

    Ballard Design - Blue Reflections Print
  • Look at art pieces and fabric choices as a jumping off point for the design of your room. Pull out colours for upholstered pieces, wall colour, pillows, accents and lamps. For example, looking at the artwork above, you can pick out various shades of blues, creams, metallics and even a small amount of yellow. How about using some of the following pieces as counterpoints for the art?

Ballard Designs - Sarafina

Lamps plus - Arteriors Home Remy Vintage Lamp

Calico Corners - Key West yellow/white
Perhaps for a bright pop of colour on a throw pillow.

  • Think about mixing different textures. Wallcovers such as grasscloth, rafia, embossed wallpapers and various plaster techniques all add a lot of personality to the room. Natural textures including seagrass, wicker, rattan and bamboo also prevent the space from being flat. Rugs can also liven up a room, from a neutural base like sisal or jute to a soft, and dreamy flokati or sheepskin rug.

Courtesy of Barclay Butera
Seagrass wallcovering, mixed with bamboo cabinet and seashell mirror. Stunning!

  • Add some sparkle somewhere. Candace Olson loves to use chrome and crystal in lighting fixtures for a bit of instant glamour. I also love the idea of using mirror at the back of shelving and cabinets. Mirrors are also a great way to enlargen the size of a room and bring in extra natural light from windows.

Image from HGTV, Candace Olson

  • For even more visual interest use fabrics in varying patterns, textures and shades. How about mixing a stripe with a geometric print? Keep colours in the same family or use one fabric as the key to pulling out other shades for a unified design.

Philip Sides Interiors

Calico Corners - Ralph Lauren fabrics

  • To add some life into your room, think about adding live plants and flowers. Not only do they fill a bare corner or brighten up a table, they keep the air you breath cleaner too!

Southern Living - Idea House Kitchen

At the end of the day, if you choose things you love, you can always break the rules!

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