Friday, December 17, 2010

Palmetto Bluff

For those of you who have not heard of Palmetto Bluff, South Carolina, here's a quick headsup..

"Palmetto Bluff is a vibrant human settlement surrounded by an unspoiled ecosystem teeming with wildlife, unspoiled rivers and salt marshes, and the sounds and smells of nature unpolluted by civilization.  The community of Palmetto Bluff is characterized by extensive nature preserves, river access and walking trails, a vibrant Village center, and an elegant inn and spa managed by Auberge Resorts.

The residential real estate offerings at Palmetto Bluff are as diverse as the land itself and are categorized as “Town” or “Country” in character.  The former will consist of a series of residential Villages, where neighbors live closely by choice, and walk or bike to nearby facilities.  The creation of Wilson Village was the culmination of extensive studies of the characteristics and synergy of Southern waterfront towns, such as Beaufort, Charleston and Savannah."

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I first saw Palmetto Bluff on the pages of Southern Living and fell in love. When I found out we would be passing through South Carolina on the way to visit my hubbys father, I suggested we stop there. I told the hubs I would point out my dream house, (for his future reference)...... it didn't take that long. We pulled up and there it was in all it's grace..... (see first picture)....

The village itself is picture perfect. Whoever landscaped the resort did a mighty fine job, the newer plantings melded seemlessly with the live oaks driping with spanish moss.... I was even  delighted to discover that the gas lanterns were real and not bulbs! What a thoughtful detail!

Palmetto Bluff was more charming and endearing than I would have imagined. One day perhaps, I will get to visit again and stay a bit longer. :-)

In the antebellum era, Palmetto Bluff was comprised of several plantations.
Remains of one can be found in the main village.


  1. Off to discover more....looks very interesting!

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