Sunday, December 19, 2010

Inspired by Heron Art

Bed Bath and Beyond - Heron
Well, my birthday was back in October, and for months prior I was lusting over this gorgeous heron canvas from Bed Bath and Beyond. I kept seeing it everytime I went in and even contemplated buying it more than once.. anyways.. as the story goes, we head to BB&B to buy it for my big day and you guessed it.... GONE! I thought "oh well, no biggy, I can still buy it online," and of course OUT OF STOCK. *insert bleep here*...

So here we are near Christmas and it's back again.. too bad the hubsters bought all my pressies already... :-(.
I will just have to wait until I see it again and hope I have my 20% off coupon handy!

To pay homage to the bird I created a mood board of a shabby chic, driftwoody sort of boudoir.. one day he will be mine!

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  1. Update: Fantastic hubby gave me a gift card to BB&B for Christmas!! Love u hubs!