Friday, December 31, 2010

Styling Vignettes
My own attempt at an entry table. I love the inlaid mirror,
it picks up on the pale gray bamboo console.
I added a pop of colour with the turquoise gourd lamp
and some sparkle with the crystal chandelier.

I think the trick to a successful vignette is the motto "less is more." Items like lamps work great as pairs, whereas larger items look better alone for greater visual impact. Smaller pieces (such as plates, bottles..) work well as collections. Most of the time designers say to group things into odd numbers. This works especially well if you have items of varying heights (as below).

Some of the images that follow prove that you can be creative with finishes and textures. For example, in the photo from Ashley Goforth, you can see she mixes gold frames with brass hardware on the dresser and what looks to be a nickel flower pot holding an orchid. The faux coral adds a nice texture.

The third photo shows a coral coloured porcelain ginger jar, with taller blossoms in a crystal vase and some smaller objects below filling in the space. I love the varying heights here. If you look closely you can almost see a triangle shape grouping the items together. This is a great tip to remember when styling objects in your home.

Courtesy  of Suzanne Kasler

Courtesy of Ashley Goforth

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