Friday, December 24, 2010

Muted Bedrooms
I started another Olioboard again! It all began with that pine dresser in the left corner. I loved the wood tone and overall finish. Then I added the cow hide rug, the feel was already leaning towards a more muted colour scheme so that's the direction I headed! I ended up with what I call a "Cowgirls Retreat." I like the fact that the room gives this feel without being a "themed" room. All the wood pieces are natural and unfinished, the antique mirror gives a lot of charm and pretties the space up, whilst the skull becomes art above the bed. I also love that little branch side table, it's not sooo rustic that it could only be at home in a cabin in the woods. The chandelier is hand carved and elegant enough to be ornamental, whilst still feeling "country." I didn't add any wallpaper or paint colours to the board, in this room I would go with some kind of hand finished plaster technique to give the walls some texture and add more charm and dimension to the space.

I read an article in Southern Living magazine  yesterday about my favourite interior designer Phoebe Howard. She said that she's married to beige, but has "affairs with colour." That made me giggle, but hey, "what's wrong with beige," I thought.

There's nothing wrong with a cream, white, beige room! I think the idea is to layer in different textures for contrast and play with patterns so that the room doesn't become lifeless.

Ashley Goforth via decorpad
 This room is a great example, the seagrass rug with it's diamond pattern adds some great texture and grounds the whole room.

Ashley Goforth via decorpad
  The different tones of grey in this room add some subtle contrasts.

Julio Quinones & Associates via decorpad
 Although this room has some colour, the bed, walls and curtains are all muted creams.

Courtesy of Phoebe Howard

Don't get me wrong, I love colour, but the muted tones of these gorgeous bedrooms are so soothing and peaceful. The perfect place to regenerate after a long day, don't you think?

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