Monday, February 7, 2011

My 'Dream' House

via House of Turquoise
I think most people couldn't put their style in one category. If I were to describe mine, it would fall under the following: coastal, eclectic, traditional with a touch of the that too much? Probably!

These are a few inspiration photos that really speak to me. I like the casual but elegant feel. Stylish but unpretentious... and just plain dreamy...:-)

via Martha Stewart

via Coastal Living

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via Martha Stewart

source unknown


  1. Those are some beautiful images. I could live in any of those.

  2. Thank you so much for your visit to Hill Country House.I am so glad you get to collect shells on the beach with your three year old. My babies are 16 and 21 and as much as I love where they are in life now, I miss those sweet days of having a three year old.
    Love the images you have shared - I couldn't name my style in one word either. I love way too many things!!

  3. I'm really loving yellow at the moment and a collection of white dishes is always a favorite.