Friday, February 11, 2011

Paula Deens House

I must admit, I am one of many, who wants to be part of the Deen family!! I love her recipes, her warm disposition and especially her home. It's a great mix of casual, country elegance. It always looks so warm and inviting on TV. It's the sort of house that is so welcoming, you just want to sit down and take your shoes off (and hope you get an invite to dinner!) See more here at:

If you are a fan of hers on facebook you might have seen her recent post when she was shooting a commercial at Palmetto Bluff! Thinking about it, her style is very reminiscent of the interiors they have in the stunning homes at the Bluff. Check them out at:
They have at least a dozen of my dream houses here..

I think re-creating her style wouldn't be too difficult. Wooden floors, a mix of painted and antique furniture, woven blinds, a mix of pretty fabrics for curtains and upholstery.... Here's a few things I wouldn't mind having in my home that remind me of hers and Palmetto Bluff :-)

Arhaus - Lily Plates
I have actually seen these plates above a Paula Deen chest of drawers. I love the bold splash of colour.

Paula Deen -Sweet Tea Writing Desk in Linen
I especially like this desk from her range. It has a great antiqued feel with its shape. It also has great storage and what about those names? So Paula Deen! Sweet tea, linen, tobacco, country, magnolia, Savannah... just perfect. Love it paired with the sunny yellow walls, plate decor and pretty botanical fabric.

Pottery Barn -Vanessa Duvet
Most things in the Pottery Barn catalogue would fit in perfectly in the Deen home, but I think she would especially like the pretty floral print in the Vanessa duvet. 

Bed Bath and Beyond - Heron Art
Art work would comprise of botanicals, bird prints, antique plates and paintings of the stunning marshes that surround her property. This canvas from BB&B is pretty big, but it would look great over a console table or dresser with it's partner (see website).

Ballard Design - Grand Palais Mirror
This pretty mirror from Ballard, has a great arch to it. I can envision it just as it's pictured here! In a casual seating area, bringing in an abundance of natural light and maybe a view of the marshes outside.

Pottery Barn - Richard Taylor Lead Planters
I don't think Paula's house would be complete without a smattering of potted orchids, ferns and other greenery!

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