Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Layering Texture

This is board is to show textures and pattern.
It's not meant to all go together!!

One thing I have noticed about the best neutral interiors, are the variety of textures. I know I've rambled about it before, but layering textures in a neutral room really gives a lot of visual interest in place of colour. Think about texture, whether it be in a brightly coloured room or a neutral one.

Some great materials for adding texture are; sisal, jute, sea grass, wicker, silk, linen, crystal, seashells, coral, driftwood. Most of these are natural materials, gotta love Mother Nature!!

Play with fabric patterns too. I did a blog article about mixing fabrics a few weeks ago. About how most designers limit themselves to three fabrics... check it out!

Contrast also plays a big part in any room. Just look at the example below, the room is almost all pale, then the coffee table adds some punch in the center! (Love Phoebe Howard!!)

Courtesy of Phoebe Howard

Courtesy of Phoebe Howard

Courtesy of Phoebe Howard

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