Friday, January 14, 2011

Dramatic Entryways

One of the places I seem to forget about a lot is my entryway.. I would love to to something dramatic to it, like add a mirrored console and a couple of fun side chairs. I think that your entryway is the perfect place to set the tone for your home, whether it be traditional or modern. Perhaps add a table and mirror and some chairs if you have the room. Even in a small space you could add a slim console or some framed art work. In my design above I used dark wood floors and continued the wood tones with the furniture pieces. I love the bold graphic print on the chairs (although it's hard to see on this small image). I can imagine the large sunburst and mirrored console would add a little sparkle to an otherwise forgotten about hallway. The modern take on the chandelier completes the feel of the room. I also love how the subtle gray rug picks up on the rectangular molding in the right hand image. I would probably paint the walls and moulding a soft white and let the furniture shine!

I also love these examples from Mrs. Howard. :-)

Coutesy of Phoebe Howard

Courtesy of Phoebe Howard

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