Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tropical Style
Ok, so there's more about zebra hides.... lol. I was browsing through the website, and I came across this seriously, amazing framed zebra hide! You can't see very well with this image, but it's framed on burlap in a rustic shadowbox. It is soooo gorgeous! If I were it's proud owner, I would do something similar to the above. A simple, light coloured sofa (so not to detract from it's loveliness), some kind of neutral, lightly textured wall covering..(to add to the tropical feel)...a simple modern/salvaged style coffee ethnic, drum side table...a low, armless-upholstered side chair...a funky turned wood lamp... and of course a tropical palm plant..

I can imagine it would fit in equally well, with Lexington's collection of Tommy Bahama Furniture...

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