Thursday, January 6, 2011

Swedish Style Interiors
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Swedish Interior Design is all about bringing in light and creating an airy, casual elegance. The summers in Sweden are short, and the winters long and dark. To combat the lack of natural light, interiors need to be bright and sunny. The colour palette is fairly neutral, (predominately white) creams, pale blues, silver grays, light pinks and soft greens. Fabrics of choice would be cotton and textural linens, gingham, stripes and  plaid. The aim of a Swedish Interior is to reflect natural light. Large mirrors and pale wood floors (often bleached, white washed or pickled) all enhance the look. Lighting is also key in a dark room. Wall sconces, table lamps and chandeliers all brighten the space. Crystal, carved antique, and painted chandeliers are commonly used.

I collected some images, that to me, capture this gorgeous style. I can imagine the pretty celadon gingham, as a stunning upholstered headboard and the inspiration for a chic bedroom!

Image courtesy of House Beautiful

Image courtesy of House Beautiful

Bedford Gingham Celadon - Calico Corners


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  2. Thanks so much. :-) I love the Swedish style. It is simply stunning. I'll be sure to check out that link!