Friday, January 7, 2011

Bold Colour

If there's one place to be bold with colour, it's a child's room! I love the board above for it's bold colour. (Somehow it doesn't show as well on here though.....) The picture above the bed is actually a wall mural. I love the bright colours and whimsical birds. I also love the image of the bird houses. What an interesting and fun idea for wall decor. I can imagine these would be easy to make with a quick trip to the craft store. I guess you could make them from card and coloured paper, or buy some cheap pre-made wooden bird houses and paint them yourself... so darn adorable!!

I love the mixture of patterns on the bedding and the bold statement it makes. The braided rug pulls everything together. The painted coral bed??? Yes please!! Also, the painted chandelier and comfy, cottage style chair and ottoman for story time..... ahhhh.....

I love these other wall murals from Layla Grace. If my daughters walls weren't textured I would snap these up for some instant colour. I know she'd love the horses on the carousel.... we can't escape that, every time we hit the mall!! lol. P.s.. sorry I used the word love so much in this post... couldn't help myself!

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