Thursday, January 20, 2011

The London Look

I was feeling homesick, so I decided to create a board with an eclectic, British loft feel! I was surprised how many pieces I found on Restoration Hardware! I LOVE (sorry I say this word tooooo much) the old theatre style spotlight and gorgeous Victorian Hotel pendant... *thinks dreamily of winning big on scratch off...* RH has some stunning pieces for sale right now. They seem to capture the essence of a timeless vintage/antique piece and bring it back to life again.

I also love the RH steamer trunk.. but unfortunately it's not in my budget *clutches scratcher*... so I found this (still lovely) steamer trunk at World Market for $224.99!!  Take that away from RH's $1495 and have an extra $1200 smackers in your back pocket! Ok, so I still secretly love the RH one... sorry World Market this gal has expensive taste...

Then to this bargainous Carriage House Chandelier from Ballard. I can see it gracing a simple foyer with high ceilings...On sale right now for a wicked $89 for small and $129 for large. Blimey ole chap... whats more British than a Carriage House I tell you!.....I have obviously been away from home for far too long... I can't even impersonate my fellow countrymen... how sad... ;-)

World Market - Steamer Trunk

Ballard Designs - Carriage House Chandelier

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